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What Women Wish Men Did For Them In Bed

Woman lying in bed

While we like to look at the fairer sex as mysterious beings, incapable of being understood, women aren’t that difficult to comprehend.

The ladies in our lives want to be taken care of—they want to be loved, spoiled and pampered, and yes—they want good loving between the sheets.

When it’s time to get down and dirty with your partner, do you worry about whether you are pleasing her during your lovemaking or do you find yourself concerned that you might not be as good as her other partners in the past?

Don’t worry!

These thoughts and concerns are natural and occur because you are invested in your lover’s happiness and well being.

Regardless of the reasoning behind these worries, there are numerous tips and ideas that can help enhance your time with your woman and ensure she keeps coming back for more.

Foreplay is King

Or perhaps we should say foreplay is the queen when we are thinking about ways to satisfy our women?

Realistically, it’s easy to jump the gun when it comes to sex. You’ve waited all day to see your lady and she gives you that special smile—of course, you want to skip straight to the bedroom.

Yet you should take the time to slow down, unwind, and enjoy foreplay with your partner.

The great thing about foreplay is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re away from your partner all day, you can send her naughty texts and suggestive photographs in regard to your future bedroom endeavors.

If you are in her presence, try brushing her hair back and whispering dirty thoughts into her ear.

Massage is always appreciated by males and females alike and is ideal for foreplay— and a glass of wine and appetizers can help stoke the sexual appetite as well.

Bigger is Better for the Night

While ladies may not actively chase a bigger penis, bigger can be a lot more fun in the bedroom from time to time! Whether you are insecure about the size of your package or simply want to indulge in a night of dirty fun, there are products that can help you leave your woman screaming for more!

While my partner might not admit it, she turns absolutely giddy when she sees my Proextender out on the nightstand.

She realizes she’s immediately in for a fun ride that evening—with a bit of lube and play, the  Proextender gives immediately improvements in girth and length. An average cock suddenly becomes above average with little effort of your own.

Give It To Her Harder

No one—male or female—enjoys a flaccid penis when it comes to playtime. You are embarrassed, she’s unsatisfied and an enjoyable evening can quickly come to a screeching halt if you can’t find a way to make it hard.

While this may seem like a testament to your manliness, don’t let the occasional erection issue get in the way of pleasing your partner.

There are multiple ways to help achieve and maintain a hard (or harder) erection that will make your woman cum again and again.

First, let’s talk about supplements as they can easily become a part of your daily routine in regard to lovemaking.

When it comes to my go-to, I really enjoy using Semenax with its all natural ingredients and its ability to not only make me harder, but also boost my load so when I cum—my orgasms are even more intense.

You simply take 4 capsules a day and before long, you and your partner will be commenting on the improvement in your love life.

Yet while supplements are great for the long-term goal of improving your performance in the bedroom, there are also a few products that will immediately give you a harder erection that I encourage you to try.

Power Rings by Hydromax are discreet cock rings you can pull out at any time, slip over your semi-erect penis, and swiftly achieve immediate results.

Want a harder penis almost instantaneously? That’s what these cock rings will do for you!

As a bonus, these rings also sport ridges and nubs that will hit all of your woman’s good spots when you get down to making love.

Love Her Longer

Another area of concern for many men involves the length of time spent in the bedroom with their beloved. While I highly suggest you invest in more foreplay as mentioned, there are also options during lovemaking to help you last longer.

Men are naturally inclined to orgasm fast—don’t be ashamed, it’s a biological function that was a necessity from the past.

Yet nowadays, we realize that men might cum quickly, but women need more finessing and work—therefore you may want to invest in ways to stay harder longer during sex.

So we already know foreplay is an option, but you can also use one of those aforementioned Hydromax Power Rings to help maintain an erection longer.

Want to try something completely different? The VigRX Delay Spray is made to help you stay rock hard for a significant amount of time while increasing sensitivity in your private parts.

With just a spritz of this non-greasy, non-irritating formula, you will last longer and give your lady more of what she wants in the bedroom.

There are over 100 sprays per bottle in this product, therefore, you’ll get a lot of use out of just one VigRX Delay Spray.

Ask Your Lady What She Wants

When I was thinking about this article, I realized I had an invaluable source at my side this entire time—my partner. When I asked her how to satisfy a woman, she stated simply, “Ask your partner what she wants.”

It’s true!

Too often we get caught up into what society says we need to provide as men and to be honest, society is often contradictory and confusing.

On one hand, we are told to be tougher—women like dominating tough guys and yet on the other hand, we are told we should be more emotionally vulnerable and aware.

This results in mixed signals when at the end of the day, all that matters is that we are good partners to the ones we love.

Therefore ask your lady what she wants in the bedroom. Don’t be shy—trust me. She’s probably been waiting for an opening to make a suggestion. Let her talk about her needs and wants, encourage her to share her sexual desires.

Here’s the key—though—really listen to your woman as she talks. Let her fully explore and discover her wants and needs before interrupting with your own ideas and concepts. You might be surprised at the naughty (and nice) things your partner are interested in exploring with you.

Don’t Forget—It’s Playtime

Men often forget that sex doesn’t simply need to be ‘penis in vagina’ to be enjoyable. There are many ways to play in the bedroom and you should explore these options with your woman.

While she may enjoy the simpler aspects of vanilla sex, she might also be a tigress waiting to explore light bondage or spankings.

Let her choose your path to begin with—ask her to pick out a toy or outfit for your sexual playtime and hopefully, you can both enjoy your foray down this adventure-filled path.

My girl is a bit of a voyeur—this means she absolutely loves it when I take out the Quick Shot by FleshLight and use it as a see-through masturbatory sleeve while she indulges in a little bit of self-exploration herself.

While I must admit, I was a bit put off by the idea of toys in the bedroom when the topic was initially broached, I am so glad I decided to let down my defenses and try new things.

Reaching climax with the Quick Shot by alongside my partner is an amazing experience I never knew I was missing until we started incorporating toys into our routine.

As a man, you probably already realize only 30% of all women achieve orgasm through straight intercourse—therefore if you really want to please your woman, you need to search for answers outside of the proverbial box.

Adding foreplay into your routine, ensuring you can maintain a rock hard erection for a significant length of time when actually engaging in sex and indulging in playtime in the bedroom can all improve your woman’s experience.

Let’s be blunt—by providing better lovemaking, you will also ensure your lady comes back to you time and again for more. It’s a completely win-win situation.

From the Quick shot to Delay has all of your bases covered when it comes to lovemaking and leaving your lady screaming wet in the sheets.

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned today? Are there other ways of pleasing a woman that works for you?

Let us know! Plus stop by today for more ideas and products to help enhance even the best love life.

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