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The ProExtender is designed to enlarge your penis size permanently. It uses a clinically proven method that’s 100% natural. And you could see measurable results in just 2 weeks.

  • Clinically proven method
  • 100% natural
  • Results are permanent
  • Over 565,000 sold
  • 6-month, money-back guarantee

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Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

The ProExtender is a medical-grade traction device used for increasing penis size.

It works by using a clinically proven method.

This method helps increase the size of both length and girth of your penis.

With regular use, you could see measurable results in just 2 weeks.

And with continued use, you could add 1 INCH to your erect length…

Add a HALF inch to your erect girth…

… all in just 6 months!

Best of all:

The results are permanent!

That means the size gains you gain using the ProExtender will never disappear. Your penis will be bigger for life.

Enlarge Your Penis Permanently with this Clinically Proven Method

The “Traction” method is a clinically proven way to enlarge your penis permanently. 

This method is 100% natural. 

And the ProExtender applies this method, because it’s a high-quality “Traction” device. 

You could see results in just 2 weeks.  And with continued use, you could see a dramatic increase to your penis size. 

In fact, a 6 month study revealed something fascinating.

Men were given a Traction device (just like the ProExtender) and instructed to wear it daily. 

Penis size was measured before, during and after the study. 

And the results?

Penis growth was measured in the first 2 weeks! 

That’s crazy fast. Especially for a natural method. 

Can you imagine enjoying a larger penis in 2 weeks? How would that feel?

What would your girlfriend think if you suddenly started sporting larger erections? 

But the results of the study don’t stop here. 

By the end of the study… the men wearing a device like the ProExtender saw their erect penis length increase by 29%... 

Erect penis girth increased by 19%...

And most astonishingly… 100% of the men who participated saw permanent penis growth.  That’s a 100% success rate!

Don’t you wish you were part of this study? 

Your erect length could be 29% longer…
Your erect girth could be 19% thicker…

Your penis could get so big you might even start giving your girlfriend crushing orgasms she desires. 

And do you want to know the best part of this study?

There were NO negative reported side-effects. 

Isn’t that wonderful?

A 100% success rate. 100% natural results. No negative side-effects. 

And you can try the ProExtender risk free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The ProExtender Works by Triggering A Natural Cell Duplicating Process

Are you familiar with the term Mitosis?

Scientifically, mitosis is a natural cell duplicating process. This process is what helped your body grow when you were younger. 

The ProExtender works by triggering mitosis. 

And when mitosis is applied to your penis… the cells of your penis multiply (both internally and externally). This results in a larger penis. 

Remember, mitosis is 100% natural

And enlarging your penis this way is clinically proven

This Method of Enlargement is Recommended by Urologists.

Now you know how the ProExtender works. By applying the Traction Method which triggers Mitosis enlarging the penis. 

The Traction Method is a clinically proven method for permanent penis enlargement. And now… 

Top urologists and plastic surgeons around the world recommend this method. 

In fact, physicians in 29 countries recommend the ProExtender. 

Here’s what a few published medical journals are saying about this method: 

“Non-invasive penile elongation has been achieved by traction
- Jørn Ege Siana, MD (Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Denmark)

“Researchers from San Giovanni Battista Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy, are now suggesting that [the Traction Method] could provide a viable alternative to surgery, as the results were significant and patient satisfaction with the technique was high.”
- Science Daily

“It seems that penile traction devices should be proposed as the first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure.”
- British Journal Urology International (2010)

Over 565,000 ProExtender Customers 

There’s over 565,000 ProExtender customers around the world. 

Because when something works… the news spreads!

Especially when results are naturalpermanent… and fast. 

Here’s what a few customers are saying:
(*Names withheld for privacy purposes)

“ I am on my way to a FULL inch!”

“Longer… straighter… amazing results”

“Added almost an inch in length and

half an inch in girth”

“Noticeably longer and thicker penis”

“My self confidence is through the roof”

“I wish I discovered the ProExtender® 20 years ago!”

100% Satisfaction, 6-Month, Money-Back Guarantee

You have a FULL 6 months to decide if the ProExtender is right for you. Give it a try today. 

You have nothing to lose. 

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is simple, fair and honest. 

Simply order your device today and try it out for 6 months. If you’re not completely satisfied, return the device and we’ll happily refund the purchase price. No questions asked. 

Are you ready to increase your penis size today?

How good would life be with an extra inch (or more) to your erection?

A bigger penis could change your life forever. 

Your sexual relationships could flourish. 

Your confidence would soar. 

And you’d be equipped with a penis size you’re happy with. 

Give the ProExtender a risk-free try today. 

Remember, you could start seeing results in just 2 weeks!

Order today!



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