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How To Increase The Size of Your Penis

Carrot and measuring tape depicting penis length

Fellas, can we be honest with each other for just a moment? No matter what size gun you are packing below the belt—big, little or in between—we all tend toward insecurities from time to time.

We wonder if it’s big enough to truly satisfy our ladies. When it comes to the size of our package, most of our egos could use the occasional boost. There’s nothing wrong with admitting this.

Yet do we even know what’s considered average when it comes to the size of our penises?

Trust me, porn stars are not the norm when it comes to men’s members!

Research shows that the average man’s penis, when hard, is just 5.1 inches long. Yes, it’s not mammoth sized, but just a tad over 5 inches in length. Contrary to some of the myths out there, race and ethnicity does not affect the size of your package.

Yet is 5.1 inches enough to satisfy our lady friends? Should we want more or are they happy with what we are already packing?

What if we want bigger—can we achieve a longer, harder penis for our own sake if not for our partner’s?

Does size matter?

Women actually prefer cocks with a thicker girth versus longer versions. Therefore yes, women do believe bigger is better.

In this case, bigger may not be defined by the length of your erect penis but by the thickness of your shaft. The average girth, by the way, is 3.6 inches in circumference.

I’m sure right now you are wondering where the tape measure is in order to check how you measure up!

While having a bigger penis is not a prerequisite for lovemaking nor does it affect your fertility, it can definitely have an impact on your psyche in regard to sex and pleasing your partner.

Instead of stressing about whether your penis is the ‘right’ size or not, there are multiple ways to increase the size of your cock and I’m here to tell you about my favorite ways to boost my ego when I’m feeling a bit down about myself.

I have a few tried and true options that have proven consistently to help when it comes to the time to get down and dirty with my lady.

Cock Rings for the Immediate Pick-Me-Up

This is such a simple option when it comes to sporting a harder, longer penis that I don’t know why every man doesn’t own a cock ring or two (or three!).

Whether it’s me or my lady, we both know my nightstand always has a Power Ring by Hydromax waiting and ready for our pleasure. Never used a cock ring before? Skip the cheap products you can pick up at the grocery store—they tend to be flimsy, easily broken and hard to clean.

Instead, invest in one of the Power Rings. These rings come in three different shapes from the Gladiator to the Spartan and the Barbarian. They are super flexible and yet tough enough to use time and time again.

Slip the cock ring over your semi-erect penis, snug it up high on the shaft and as your erection hardens and you will notice an increase in pressure that will result in an immediate difference in regard to cock size.

Plus the feeling is indescribable!

Your lady gets the benefit of a larger penis to play with and you get the bonus of heightened sensations during sex. Power Rings by Hydromax are a definite winner in my book.

Pump It Up

And by ‘it’, obviously—I mean your cock! Now a penis pump may seem like a seedy joke, but it’s no joke and the benefits of a Hydromax Pump are definitely worth exploring.

There is no shame in my bedroom game—I’m willing to try any products that will improve my time between the sheets with the love of my life.

The Hydromax Pump is an easy, efficient way to achieve a harder larger penis with minimal effort and even better—the results last.

I tend to use my pump on a daily basis but I also find the routine pretty enjoyable. You slip the plastic tube over your cock, pump the device until you create a vacuum and then once you achieve a good hard erection, you remove the pump and slip a cock ring over your penis to prolong the experience.

The Hydromax Pump is comfortable to use, fun to use with your partner (my lady loves helping with the pump) and has improved my girth significantly.

One important thing to note about using a pump is that it’s not just to improve size—this product can also help fellas suffering from erectile dysfunction. So whether it’s a size issue or difficulty getting it up—I can highly recommend investing in a Hydromax Pump for playtime.

Head to the Gym

Well, guys, I know nobody wants to hear this, but if you are sporting a few extra pounds—you may want to consider heading to the gym and cutting back on beer and pizza during the week.

I can already hear you, “How does diet and exercise affect the size of my cock? You can’t be serious!” but I’m totally serious in this regard.

This bit of advice is all about perception. If you are 30 or more pounds overweight, you often have a bit of padding around the base of your penis.

As you lose weight, more of your cock is actually revealed and you’ll look bigger for the ladies when it comes time for loving!

Add Supplements to Your Routine

We often turn towards supplements to help with our daily well being. Whether it’s adding iron to our diet or taking a general men’s multivitamin to ensure we have all of our basic nutrients for the day, one area we often neglect is supplementation for our sexual health.

Guys—there are a myriad of daily supplements out there that can help you in all areas of your sex life and for me—VigRX Plus is my preferred go-to.

How does this product help you look bigger in the bedroom?

Can it really help your penis size?

VigRX Plus is created to increase your virility, but it also gives you a harder penis. What happens when your penis is rock hard?

It’s bigger and your lady will love it! VigRX Plus relies on a proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins that are essential for your sexual health and with only two tablets a day it can definitely help you rock your woman’s world.

Kick the Habit

Uh-oh. This may be hard core advice, but if you want to increase your size—you are going to want to ditch the cigarettes.

While we often think about smoking in regard to cancer and your lungs, it also affects the blood flowing to your cock.

In fact, some men have reported shrinkage of their members due to excessive smoking.

The answer is pretty simple here, but of course, ditching a habit is never quite that easy.

Stop smoking! If you won’t do it for your health and for the sake of those around you, consider kicking the habit in order to obtain harder, better erections which will result in a bigger penis in bed.

Try an Enhancement  Supplement

While I consider VigRX Plus a part of my daily regiment to improve sexual health, I also have used ExtenZe when I’ve felt a little… Well little! ExtenZe was created specifically as a supplement to enhance your performance in the bedroom.

It will improve your blood flow which leads to a bigger, harder erection and also tends to lead to your lady asking for more time in the bedroom. This product could not be easier to use.

You take one capsule a day and should see results within the first month of usage.

Regardless of the package you are sporting, there are times we will always wonder if we measure up.

Are we giving our partners the loving they need? Does our cock satisfy our woman in a way that will keep her coming back for more? It’s a natural concern and yet we have no need to worry.

With the tips and products mentioned above, you can continue to satisfy your girl while providing her with a more than satisfying experience again and again.

From the Hydromax Pump to Power Rings, you have the ability to improve your penis size inside and outside of the bedroom.

Add in a couple of great all natural supplements like VigRX Plus and ExtenZe and you will have rock hard bigger erections time and again. Have you tried any of the aforementioned products? Let us know what you think.

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