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How Long Does The Average Man Last In Bed? And How To Beat It!

If you are like the rest of the red blooded males in our country, at some point in time you must have wondered how you stacked up in regard to your performance in the bedroom.

I’ll admit it—I have always wondered if my own stamina was above average or mediocre at best.

When it comes to sex, what’s considered normal?

Was that quickie too quick?

How long should I last in bed?

All of these thoughts have gone through my head at a different time or two and I am guessing you’ve had these questions too.

Let’s get straight to the data then, shall we? Instead of beating around the bush, we should look at the average time of men’s sexual performances and then we can delve into ways to prolong our sexual encounters to maximize not only our own pleasure but our partners as well.

According to The Journal of Sex Medicine, published in 2009, the average length of time for sexual encounters range from 4 minutes to 11 minutes.

Yes, you read that right! The authors of the article—Marcel D. Waldinger, Ph.D., Joe McIntosh, MD, and Dave H. Schweitzer, MD, Ph.D., noted that men were inclined to over exaggerate their sexual prowess by approximately 2 minutes. I can’t lie—I expected the results to be a little longer, didn’t you?

Yet whether you are struggling to reach the 4-minute mark yourself due to premature ejaculation or you want to please your partner with longer lasting stamina, you are not alone! There are ways to improve your performance, last longer in bed, and to eliminate premature ejaculations from occurring.

We just need to explore our options a little bit.

The Perks of Improving Our Stamina

Of course, it’s easy to understand why a man may want to improve their stamina—we love sex, we want more of it, and taking longer to reach climax means we can spend more time having it!

Especially with premature ejaculation, it can be frustrating to build up to the actual act and then have it be finished almost as soon as it begins. Yet even men with average lovemaking times may want to improve upon their performance.

Increasing our stamina, however, isn’t solely a selfish endeavor. When we consider that a man may reach orgasm within minutes of intercourse, but a woman may take up to twenty minutes to reach orgasm—we have a real issue here.

While I know my lady enjoys foreplay (a little bit of dirty talk is almost guaranteed to get her into the bedroom), she also really enjoys the penetrative act of sex itself.

Therefore if I’m ready to finish during the first act—how am I going to ensure she climaxes fifteen minutes later?

Finding ways to last longer in bed ensures that I can finish closer to the time my woman finishes. It may not be perfect like in the movies, but it’s much more satisfying this way.

Start with the Basics

Okay, guys, so I hate to say it but when it comes to our bodies and performance issues, we need to start with the basics of taking care of our body from the start.

Diabetes, cardiac diseases, and high blood pressure can all affect your ability to maintain an erection in bed.

Therefore it’s necessary to clean up your diet—pizza less, heart-healthy foods more. Exercise is also a good option with regard to improving your circulation and sexual health.

Of course, cutting back on both smoking and alcohol is recommended for men in order to increase your stamina. There are studies that show men who overindulge in alcohol, on its own, have up to a 60-70 percent change of sexual dysfunction.

Therefore while it’s definitely nice to sit back with a Jack and Coke on occasion, two or three drinks a day should not be a part of your daily routine.

Smoking as you probably already suspected interferes with your circulatory system and obviously, you need good blood flow to maintain penile health.

Masturbation is Healthy and Necessary

Now regardless of what you may have heard as a teenager, masturbation is a part of a healthy sex life. You can use your individual skills to help build up stamina in the bedroom by letting go of built up sexual tension ahead of time as well as focus on techniques that help you last longer.

Plus masturbation is great for releasing stress and anxiety from your hectic day and mental health is as important as physical health in regard to improving your sex life.

Yet what if you don’t enjoy penis-in-hand masturbation?

Or what if you are craving something different to break up the routine?

First, you can always attempt to entice your partner to masturbate with you or for you—it’s always nice to have a lady involved. Then again sometimes you just want to do it yourself and the Fleshlight is the perfect alternative.

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

You may have seen Fleshlights, masturbatory aids created to mimic the feel of a woman, in men’s magazines or on television, but you probably wondered if they are worth the investment.

I can guarantee—the Fleshlight is an ideal tool for masturbating (it’s great for trips out of town or when you just want a different feel to your routine!) Plus you can use it for edging—taking yourself right to the edge of orgasm, stopping, and starting again.

This technique will help you last longer in the bedroom while increasing your stamina no doubt. Pick up your own Fleshlight to use here.

Invest in a Cock Ring

Maybe you want to impress your lady tonight and need a product that will help right now. Cock rings are ideal when it comes to giving you lasting power in the bed.

These small discreet rings were created to give you a harder, stronger erection that will last long past your normal endurance.

Just lube it up, slip it over your flaccid or semi-erect penis and you are ready to play immediately.

 Hydromax Power Rings are my go-to brand of cock rings. These rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes—from the Spartan with a ribbed octagonal shape to the Gladiator that sports a three-point ribbed texture to add to your lady’s pleasure. Want something simpler to start?

Use the Barbarian—a simple o shaped cock ring perfect for beginners and those who prefer the simpler pleasures in life. The great thing about a cock ring is that they are small, easy to toss in the nightstand until needed, and yet will double your pleasure with just one use.

Want to try out the Hydromax Power Rings yourself? Grab one (or all three!) here.

Specialty Condoms

Particularly if you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you may have foregone condoms years ago. Yet you should know—there are now condoms that are on the market that will help you last longer while also enabling her to reach climax sooner.

I must admit, I was skeptical myself, but the first time I used Durex Performax Intense condoms, I wasn’t the only one impressed!

My lady asked me to keep a supply of these condoms on hand for her sake as well as my own.

These condoms were made specifically for men looking to last longer in the bedroom.

Your stamina is increased through a special delaying lubricant located on the inside of the condoms while her orgasm is virtually guaranteed via the ribbed and dotted surface made just for the ladies.

If you are single, these condoms are great to toss in your wallet and go. Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or just want to increase your lovemaking capabilities, nobody is going to question why you want to use protection when you whip out a Durex Performax Intense condom.

When it comes to sex, no man wants to let his lady down. Lasting longer in the bedroom is a goal a lot of us are determined to reach and with the tips and products mentioned above—you can definitely achieve your dreams!

While you may feel overwhelmed by premature ejaculation or other issues that help prevent you from lasting a long time, there are options available for all of us.

Start with treating yourself well. Your lady already loves you and your body, but now it’s time for you to start taking proper care of it.

Then invest in a few of the products and techniques mentioned above to help increase your stamina.

Try out a Fleshlight or order a few of the Hydromax Power Rings.

Toss a box of Durex Performax Intense condoms in your bedside.

Most of all, don’t forget that is here for all of your sexual health needs.

Whether it’s increasing your lovemaking time, skill or introducing new products into your bedroom, is there to help.

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