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Having Trouble Finishing In The Bedroom? Try These Simple Tricks

Trust me, fellas, it happens to the best of us.

You are giving your lady some good loving—she reaches orgasm, you want to ejaculate and yet somehow you find it impossible to cross that line.

No matter how you try, you can’t finish and sex results in defeat.

You’re frustrated, your lady is worried she’s not good enough and what should have been a great time between the sheets turns into a dud deal for everyone involved.

I know the frustration this involves and no one wants to deal with it yet there are genuine ways to deal with delayed ejaculation.

Instead of letting it destroy your sex life, consider the following tips to help you when you find you simply can’t cum in the bedroom.

Cut Out the Mind Clutter

Everyone has a million things on their mind every single day. Whether it’s what your boss thinks of your recent proposal or whether the dog needs to go outside to do his business again, it’s hard to simply let go and be in the moment.

Yet when it comes to time with our partner, we need to learn to leave it all behind and concentrate on the here and now.

Particularly when we want enjoyable sex—who can have a good time if all you can think about is making your next mortgage payment?

Therefore you need to learn to relax and de-stress to remain in the moment.

First, leave work at work if possible. Stop checking your emails while snuggled up with the love of your life. If you need to work on a project, do it outside of the bedroom.

Create a boundary between work and home—particularly in regard to your bedroom. This room where you want to make love to your lady and wow her with your performance is no place for the day to day stress of work.

A daily workout routine is another great way to relieve stress and quiet your mind. Pop in some earbuds, listen to your favorite artists and build muscle while letting go of the week’s stress.

Exercise not only makes your body feel good, but it also helps calm your mind and nerves. Adding an outdoor routine to your workout is also a good way to melt away the week’s troubles.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic condition and are taking medication to treat it, you probably should speak to your physician about the issues you are seeing in the bedroom.

There is nothing to be ashamed of—your doctor has heard it all before! Certain medicines are known for delaying (or preventing) ejaculation and instead of dropping your prescriptions cold turkey, ask your doc for a different medication or another way to treat your issue.

Your physician will be happy you turned to him for advice and will work with you to find a medication that works with your particular diagnosis.

Try Supplements

Volume Pills were created to help boost your semen production and with greater production come a more intense, quicker finish.

These pills are made from all natural products and you can take up to six tablets a day until you achieve the effects that work for you.

I personally find that when I take a break from masturbation and use the volume pills, I am ready and roaring to go within a few days of consistently using this product.

With ingredients such as Lingzhi, a mushroom that is known to boost your sex drive and help lower your stress levels, and Xian Mao, a Chinese herb known for treating impotence, Volume Pills can give you a more intense climax (sometimes your orgasms can last twice as long as normal!) but more importantly—they will help you reach the finish line in a more than satisfying manner.

Another great product on the market that I always keep in my medicine cabinet is Semenax. This supplement will also boost your semen production and results in more powerful orgasms at the end of the day (or first thing in the morning if that’s your routine!)

This is an all natural product with ingredients you will recognize and be able to pronounce. Vitamin E is of utmost importance—as it boosts your stamina and sperm production hence helping you reach orgasm faster.

Zinc is also another Semenax ingredient well known for its importance in treating erectile dysfunction.

You might be asking yourself which product is better—Semenax or Volume Pills?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on the appropriate supplement to take when you are looking to finish faster.

For myself, I like to keep both of these supplements on hand. As they are all natural ingredients I feel comfortable taking them to help whenever I have issues, but I also feel like they are good products to rotate into and out of my daily vitamin routine. Plus they keep me ejaculating with ease!

Change Up Your Bedroom Routine

Guys—we really need to remember that foreplay isn’t just the appetizer to the main course in the bedroom.

When cumming seems difficult to achieve, we need to refocus on our bedroom routine and try out some new tricks. We also want to discard bad habits we may have developed over the years with our partners.

Remember our teenage years when we were raunchy and just making out would send us over the edge? Those were good days—and we can return to them if we only try. Let’s add foreplay back into our sexual adventures.

What types of foreplay should you try?

Of course, I highly recommend oral sex—both giving and receiving.

I think it’s a great way to get your lady revved up, but also to help bring you to the brink of an orgasm before engaging in actual intercourse.

Yet you might also try adding dirty talk into the bedroom—ways to engage in the excitement of sex without actual penetration. 

Sending naughty little texts throughout the day (and even the night when I’m out of town) is a great way to build up the tension until you are nearly exploding to cum.

Boost Your Sex Drive

While it might seem contrary, boosting your sex drive may actually help you when it comes to delayed cumming problems.

There are multiple ways to help increase your sex drive—from adding natural ingredients to your diet to taking supplements, but by pushing your need for sex into overdrive—you may simply circumnavigate your issues reaching orgasm.

Maca root is often discussed when it comes to increasing your sex drive. It’s also known as the Peruvian Ginseng and has been known to increase virility naturally in men.

You can add this root directly to your diet by incorporating it as a side dish or you can take a supplement such as Organic BioMacaOrganic BioMaca skips the fuss of the kitchen and allows you to take Maca directly via daily capsules.

Another great product that I highly recommend to increase sex drive is VigRx Plus. While it definitely boosts your sex drive, it also has the benefit of providing harder, bigger erections which my lady loves!

This is another all natural product that features ingredients such as Gingko Biloba and Korean Red Ginseng.

Gingko will actually improve blood circulation hence the better erections and easier time finishing.

As a clinically proven product, I like to keep VigRx Plus handy at all times.

Discover What Tickles Your Fancy

As one final suggestion, I think it’s important that as men, we take the time to figure out what really works for us—what gets our engine revving, what really sets us over the edge and helps with ejaculating.

You might enjoy watching porn with your partner and then engaging in sex. Dirty talk, as I suggested above, might be an idea to entertain with your lady. Maybe you might enjoy a few new sex toys in the bedroom—for both you and your partner.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your sexual fantasies and proclivities so experiment with your partner to find what really turns you on. You can then incorporate those ideas into the bedroom. has an abundance of products to try and test out—I highly recommend checking out other products on the website as there is definitely something for everyone!

Let’s face it. Day to day life is already rife with frustrations. Whether it’s sitting at the red light for an unbearable amount of time or forgetting an important meeting with your boss, you face enough stress just making it through the day.

Don’t let the frustration of delayed ejaculation add to your troubles. Instead, try some of the techniques and products mentioned above.

VigRx PlusVolume Pills, and Semenax are ideal supplements to help with your issues.

Explore in the bedroom—take your foreplay up a notch and deliver your lady the loving she deserves.

Instead of letting delayed ejaculation interfere with your sex life, take control by visiting and trying our products.

I promise you and your lady will be so glad you did! 

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