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Answers To Men’s Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sex

When it comes to sex, there are always questions floating about our minds.

Whether it’s how to last longer, how to introduce toys into the bedroom, or the best way to make your cock harder—regardless of your age or experience, there is always more to learn (and new products to try!) It’s the 21st century so toss out all of your stigmas, prejudices and worries when it comes to your bedroom time.

Trust me, if you’ve thought about it—other men have the same questions too. Life is too short for shame when it comes to playtime—as long as your experiences are between two consenting adults, try living life to the fullest without worry.

Let’s delve into a few areas that men are always curious about when it comes to their sex lives.

Is Bigger Always Better?

There’s no need to beat around the bush—this is probably the top question on most men’s minds regardless of sexual experience.

Does the size of your penis really matter in between the sheets or is it the old adage ‘it’s the motion in the ocean’ that counts?

First, let’s examine some facts—when flaccid, penises tend to be around 3.5 inches and when fully erect, the average man sees about 5.1 inches.

While these numbers may be disappointing (or encouraging!) to you in answering the question—is bigger better—it doesn’t actually tell you what women want.

Overwhelmingly, women are less interested in the size of your cock versus your performance in bed.

Extra girth is actually considered more satisfying than length, but regardless of your size—there are options out there to help you satisfy your woman between the sheets.

My favorite tool of the trade when I’m feeling a little inadequate is a Hydromax Power Ring.

If you’ve never tried a cock ring before—it’s definitely time to invest in one of these handy gadgets. Made from Elastomex™, Hydromax rings are available in three different shapes and sizes and add that extra oomph to your lovemaking.

Using one of these products couldn’t be simpler. Before you’ve reached a full erection, insert your cock into the ring and pull it up to the base of your penis.

As the cock ring begins to restrict blood flow, you will experience more exquisite sensation than from a natural erection and your partner will enjoy a longer harder cock in bed.

After use, it’s simple to slip off, wash and toss back into the nightstand. I personally keep all three of the Hydromax Power Rings in service depending upon the type of loving my lady is looking for that night.

Do Women Enjoy Swallowing?

Look—I said we would cover the stickier questions and this is definitely a topic men tend to ponder on occasion.

When it comes to oral sex, do our partners actually enjoy swallowing or is it all a performance?

While studies seem to vary, it appears that the majority of women do not enjoy swallowing cum. Instead, they either swallow out of politeness or to please their partner.

Well, that’s not the answer you were hoping for, right? After all, we want our partners to really enjoy giving and receiving— including receiving our loads during blow jobs.

No worries, my friend, there are ways to improve our partner’s perception of swallowing. While semen will never taste like ice cream or chocolate cake, staying away from cigarettes, garlic and onions before oral sex may be optimal.

In addition, increasing our intake of fruit can significantly improve the flavor.

If you are really conscientious about your taste, Semenhance is an easy-to-take supplement that will sweeten the deal for you and your lady on a daily basis.

With two capsules a day, this all natural product captures the essence of pineapple, kiwi and other sweet tasting fruit and helps improve the taste of your cum.

Trust me—your partner will thank you for the thoughtfulness behind this product.

How Can I Last Longer in the Bedroom?

Regardless of age or experience, we have all had times when we’ve wondered if we needed to improve our length of time between the sheets.

How do we last longer with our partners and what is the average lovemaking time anyways?

While intercourse varies from couple to couple, the average time spent engaging in sex once begun is less than 6 minutes.

While this fact may be surprising, it probably comes as no surprise that most women (and men) would prefer sex to last longer than a commercial break.

There are multiple options that can help you last longer in the bedroom—from changing your routine to trying out new products.

One way I learned to last longer was to practice edging whenever I felt the urge to masturbate.

Edging, in case you don’t know, is the practice of bringing yourself close to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. Repeated edging can improve your performance time when you actually engage in sex with your partner.

While you can always choose to masturbate the old fashioned way, I really enjoy using a Fleshlight.

This stamina training device mimics the feel of a real woman and is small enough to be tossed in a suitcase for when you travel out of town or in your nightstand for lonely evenings when your lady is away.

Another product I’ve found really helps my performance is VigRX Delay Spray.

This is an immediate go to when my lady says she’s looking for an all-nighter performance.

It uses lidocaine to help delay cumming and can literally be used just minutes before intercourse.

When you want to surprise your woman with marathon sex – VigRX Delay Spray may be the perfect product for you.

Do Women Enjoy Sex Toys?

Here is a topic that a lot of men find difficult broaching—bringing sex toys into the bedroom.

We tend to fall into two categories here—either we believe sex toys may replace us (fellas—as long as you are taking care of your woman, they won’t!) or we are afraid to talk about sex toys because we think our women might feel disgusted that we approached the topic.

Yet considering the current day and age, sex toys can be a definite must in the bedroom. Just ask your partner—she will probably be delighted you are interested in exploring something new.

In fact, we’ve already covered a few sex toys today. Using a Fleshlight doesn’t have to be a solitary experience—introduce sexy playtime with your lady as she uses her favorite vibrator and you use a Lana Rhoades Fleshlight based off your favorite porn star.

With a twist of the cap, you can increase or decrease suction to improve sensation and get off at the same time as your woman in bed.

Cock rings such as the aforementioned Hydromax Power Rings are also great toys to add into your routine.

While they add length and girth to your cock, they also are created for the lady’s pleasure as well.

The Gladiator, for example, has three points on the ring guaranteed to help send your lady over the edge when employed in the bedroom.

How Do I Make My Load Bigger?

It’s no secret—nothing feels better than cumming hard and long. At times, you may wonder if there’s a way to increase your load and therefore produce a bigger and better orgasm.

While improving your eating habits and exercising are always recommended, you may also consider investing in a few products to keep in your medicine cabinet for this issue as well.

Volume Pills are one of my secret (okay not so secret anymore) weapons when I want to experience a stronger orgasm and produce more cum.

While they recommend refraining from masturbation for approximately a week before to ensure you experience the best results—believe me, it’s a small sacrifice to pay when you finally get some alone time with your partner.

With just two tablets a day, Volume Pills help me experience some of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Another climax enhancer that is ideal for this situation is Semenax. With Vitamin E as its first ingredient and including zinc and Maca root, products known to help enhance your sexual vigor, Semenax will also help produce fireworks in the bedroom.

You’ll feel like it’s your first time when you experience an orgasm while using Semenax.

In reality, everyone has sex questions from time to time and you should never be ashamed to ask them.

The answers often remind us that we are more alike than we think—any question you might have, another man has probably asked before.

At, we pride ourselves on supplying those answers and finding the best products available to help assist with any issues that might go hand in hand with your questions.

Whether it’s using a Hydromax Power Ring to last longer or taking Semenhance to improve the taste of your cum, there are always ways to improve your sex life.

Make the time to peruse for additional products and ideas for the bedroom.

Take a moment and tell us what products worked for you and how you approached any of the issues we touched upon in this article.

Just remember, is there for you—for all of your sexual health needs.

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