5 Lifechanging Ways For Men to Reach an Explosive Orgasm

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Whether it’s a one-on-one session or with a partner, reaching a big climax with an explosive orgasm is always ideal. Let’s face it—while in life it may be the journey that matters, during sex it’s the end result that leaves a smile on our faces at the end of the day.

Yet you may be wondering, as men, what are our options for achieving a stronger, better orgasm? Or perhaps you are having issues achieving climax and are wondering how to resolve that particularly frustrating issue.

Stick with me and together we will explore five different options that will help you in the sack and out.

1. Sex Toys Are In

Now I know a few of you are already shaking your heads and getting ready to walk away right now, but hear me out. Sex toys are an ideal way to achieve a big climax and who doesn’t want that? Consider toys an accessory to sex just like condoms or lubes.

They may not be a necessity in the bedroom, but they definitely help those of us searching for an explosive orgasm.

Power rings are my favorite bedroom toy. These cock rings are small and inconspicuous so you can toss them into your nightstand when not in use, but their ability to help you maintain a rock hard erection during sex that leads to an astounding climax can’t be beat.

The trick to the power ring is its ability to restrict blood flow to the penis—this builds up sensitivity which will help you reach climax. Try out a power ring during solo play too—they are definitely a sex toy worth investing in.

2. Lubrication Matters

Since the days we were teens, we learned that lubricants are important when it comes to playtime whether it’s personal or with a partner.

The wetter the better-- correct?

While we like to believe our own innate sexiness will immediately make any partner wet enough to skip the lubricants completely, remember—age, hormones, medications, and even stress can affect natural body secretions, therefore, lubricants are a great assistant.

Use a dab during foreplay to help both of you get ready for the main event, but remember always use the right product for the right situation. From silicone to water-based, flavored and beyond, there is a right lube for every type of play.

If you are going to use sex toys in your sexual adventures, avoid silicone as it can break down your toys including the power rings discussed above. Instead, use water-based lube to help you and your partner cum.

Yet if you are looking for a really slick option to get things wet, try a silicone based lubricant. They are ideal when looking to reach a big climax as they tend to stay wetter longer. There are also hybrid options between water and silicone as well as warming and flavored lubricants for more playful sex.

Experiment and you will find the perfect lube to help assist you in achieving more powerful orgasms.   

3. Supplements Can Help Us Reach Climax

Listen to me carefully. Even if you have no issue with climaxing, the right supplement can lead to an explosive orgasm.

Again and again!

These products are created with the notion that every man has the right to cum and every man has the right to a strong orgasm. Because orgasms are linked explicitly to our ability to produce semen and cum, taking a climax supplement will push your orgasm to the next level.

From fantastic to indescribable ecstasy, you can up your performance by using one of these supplements.

Semenax is considered one of the best climax supplements on the market today. This product concentrates on your ability to produce more cum when you ejaculate. By using natural ingredients such as l-lysine and zinc aspartate, Semenax boosts your semen output and this, in turn, leads to a more powerful orgasm.

This product includes maca which gives you harder erections and pumpkin seeds which are known to help improve prostate health. Using a climax supplement such as Semenax will ensure your orgasms are nothing short of explosive.

4. Prostate Massage to Help You Cum

Guys, we’re all men here so can we just admit it—when you first heard about the prostate gland, you probably squirmed a little. Perhaps you were disgusted, but you were probably just a little bit intrigued as well.

The prostate is a little gland about the size of a walnut, situated internally between the bladder and your penis, and it is the gatekeeper to the most explosive orgasm you may ever experience.

Yes, you heard that right. If you take the time to perfect prostate massage, you will not just reach climax, but you will cum like you’ve never cum before!

You don’t need a toy, but I highly suggest a quality lube, some private time, and patience when you begin to experiment with this technique. Also before you begin, as this involves your anus, discard any preconceived notion you might have formed over the years in regard to anal play.

Trust me this is not an experience any sane man would want to miss.

You will want to be as relaxed as possible during the prostate massage so if music is your thing—crank it up beforehand and make sure the wife and kids are out of the house. Later on, if you want to involve your partner—that can definitely make things heat up faster, but when beginning it’s best to go solo.

Using a quality lubricant, liberally douse both your index finger and your anus. Lay on your bed and gently and slowly insert said finger into your anus.

The key here is speed—go slow at first and if it hurts, add more lube!

When you locate your prostate—stop and massage this spot with a ‘come hither’ gesture. Experimentation here works best as some people prefer different sensations, but done correctly—you can reach climax without even touching your cock.

The fun thing about prostate massage, besides the obvious strong orgasm, is the ability to play with a partner, use a prostate massage toy, or go it alone.

While starting slowly and using good lubricant is always recommended, what you do next in the privacy of your own bedroom is completely up to you. Prostate massage is a definite path to an explosive orgasm.

5. Improve the Taste of Your Cum

I’m sure a few of you will be relieved to get back to safer topics so let’s talk about blow jobs! We all know that nothing is quite the same as oral from our favorite lady—and we can often reach a big climax just from the soft caress of her tongue and lips on our dicks.

Yet like most men, you probably want oral more often than she’s willing to initiate so that’s quite the dilemma.

How can we convince our lovers to go down on us so that we can enjoy that particular bit of heaven more often?

First I’m going to state the obvious. If you want your girl to perform oral on you, remember you should always be willing to please her as well.

Tit for tat, as the saying goes, or maybe we could say clit for dick action here? So don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and please your girl orally to encourage her to reciprocate the favor.

Yet there’s another little trick I would like to suggest in regard to encouraging oral that men often forget. It’s a fact that semen tends to take on the taste of our current diet and unless you want to drink gallons of pineapple juice to help sweeten the flavor, you might want to consider other options such as SemEnhance.

Using natural ingredients such as the aforementioned pineapple, bee pollen, and even royal jelly—this supplement was created to enhance the flavor of your semen and to make oral sex more pleasurable for you and your lady.

After all, no one wants a reluctant partner going down on them. SemEnhance will sweeten the honey pot a bit and your partner will enjoy the taste of your cum while you enjoy the potential for bigger climaxes and more oral in your future.

In our youth, we just wanted to reach climax with a willing partner if we are being honest. Sex was about the chance to cum.

Now that we are a bit wiser to the world and know better, we realize we can achieve a stronger, more explosive orgasm if we are willing to put the work into it. Trying out the aforementioned products will help lead you to success in reaching that big climax we all seek.

Want to share tips and ideas you’ve learned throughout the years to achieve a strong orgasm? Share your comments below!

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Remember, enjoy experimenting with the products and techniques we’ve mentioned and you’ll soon be having the most explosive orgasms of your life.