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How to Be Epic in Bed: 7 Must-Read Tips For Men

If you’re like most men, you lay awake at night wondering how to be great at sex.

Not just good, but great!

You may believe your performance in the bedroom is above average, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Plus it’s hard to avoid statistics such as only 64% of women stated they experienced orgasm the last time they had sex while 85% of their partners believed their women reached climax.

How do you make her scream and writhe in pleasure again and again?

How do you get better at sex?

Thousands of men have concerns, but no worries. Stick with me, boys, and we will find ways to improve your performance and have your lady screaming between the sheets.

1. Being Better at Sex Requires Being a Giver

You may have never considered this, but lads—women love givers. Throughout their lifetime, women will experience more takers in the bedroom than givers.

Men are often distracted by their own pursuits and forget that sex involves two people.

Yet as a giver, you are going to make it your goal to make her cum. Try pleasuring your lady orally and revisit old high school routines with hot make-out sessions including grinding and fingering.

You might consider adding sex toys into your intimate sessions to help her achieve orgasm. From vibrators to cock rings to flavored lubricant, there are toys and accessories for every couple.

Whether your woman is a demure princess or a naughty vixen, toys can be a great way to set the mood as a giver.

Remember approximately three-quarters of women don’t climax from sex alone—therefore adding a little bit of spice to your bedroom life can really help you become a better lover plus your woman will love to reciprocate the favor!

2. Help Her Achieve Orgasm by Improving Your Stamina

The facts are hard to dispute. Men’s sexual stamina, on average, lasts about two to five minutes once sexual intercourse begins. On the other hand, women tend to take a lot longer to achieve orgasm—up to twenty minutes!

Therefore you may want to work on your sexual stamina in order to improve your performance in the bedroom.

No worries though. You have multiple options to improve in this area. It might surprise you that exercise is recommended if you want to lengthen the amount of time you can perform in the sack.

Yet if you already have a good exercise regimen or want to try something different, you may want to consider products such as VigRX Delay Spray and Prosolution+.

These products were created to help men suffering from premature ejaculation as well as those gentlemen who simply want to last longer during sex.

Simple to use, simple to apply— VigRX Delay Spray requires three quick sprays to your manhood approximately ten minutes before fun times begin and then you should easily last the twenty to thirty minutes needed to satisfy your partner during sex. Pair this delay spray with our award-winning supplement Prosolution+ , It’s been reported to increase stamina up to 64%

​ProSolution Plus®

3. Increase Your Libido

Look, fellas, it’s natural for your libido to decline as you age, but you might wonder why. Of course, there are multiple reasons why your sex drive may be diminishing like mental stress due to the day to day grind of life, but testosterone is also a key culprit in lowered sexual needs.

Your libido is linked to testosterone and after your teenage years, testosterone naturally decreases.

Although it sounds frightening, there is no need to panic. TestRX is a product created with this exact problem in mind. Instead of filling your system with a testosterone substitute, TestRX encourages your body to produce more of this hormone on its own.

As an all natural product, it’s not a steroid, but a supplement to not only increase your libido but help with muscle mass, better erections, and stronger bones. Check it out here.

With only two capsules a day, you can help recapture that always horny feeling of your teenage years!

4. Abstain to Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom

There’s just no easy way to say this. Sorry, guys, if you want to please your ladies and truly be better at sex, you will want to lay off the booze and marijuana.

While you might have used a nice stiff drink to help you get laid in the past, nowadays, you may want to lower your alcohol consumption as it’s proven to inhibit your central nervous system—a necessary component to getting off.

Also, too much alcohol may cause difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. No one wants whiskey dick in the bedroom!

What about weed? Weed can also have a negative effect on your love life. An occasional toke probably won’t cause side effects, but daily users of weed are up to three times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

If you are a routine user, you may want to consider cutting back in order to ensure you can give your lady your all when it’s playtime.

5. Achieve a Fuller Erection to Make Her Cum

Once you have your woman revved up and ready to go, nothing kills the mood more than a partial erection. Remember our earlier discussion in regard to testosterone and libido? Testosterone is also a necessary component to a rock hard willy.

If you have been suffering a lower libido and cannot achieve a full erection, this particular hormone may be the culprit in question. Thankfully there are safe and natural options to help you fix this problem and return to giving your lady the loving she needs.

Including over 20 ingredients in order to increase libido, blood flow, and stamina,ExtenZe may be the answer you are searching for in regard to achieving a better erection.


This supplement includes ingredients such as ginger root and Yohimbe extract both known to increase circulation to the penis and other body parts.

By taking one pill a day, Extenze gives men better orgasms, increased stamina, and harder erections.  

6. Foreplay for Better Sex

Guys, foreplay is necessary. It’s far too easy going from erect to sex, but that’s not what ladies are looking for. Your woman deserves a long leisurely build-up to the actual act of lovemaking. Take your time. Slow down.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Remember you want to make her cum, you want to be better at sex, and you want to make this night (and every other night) one to remember. Plus, taking this time to build up to sex makes your woman wetter and your erection harder. Foreplay is a part of the adventure, not a step to skip!

Don’t wait until you hit the bedroom to start– send your lady sweet messages throughout the day. Tease her slowly throughout the day with hints of the deeds to come. When you finally get the time to spoil her in person, offer her a massage.

Nibble on her neck. Play with her hair—trust me, girls love their hair played with! Focus on the erogenous zones that are often neglected during sex—ears, lips, neck, inner thighs.

Don’t worry. You’ll get the chance to concentrate on the other naughty bits when you make her orgasm in the bedroom.

7. Remember—It’s a Performance in the Bedroom

“All the world’s a stage” as Shakespeare wrote and in order to learn how to be great at sex, you want to incorporate every sense you’ve got in your performance.

Talk dirty to your lady, guys! Offer naughty talk about all of the things you want to do to her.

How you crave the chance to make her cum, how you cannot wait to take her back into the bedroom… Tell her what you want and let her express her needs and desires too.

Of course, this type of give and take can happen before game time, but you also want to use nonverbal cues once sex begins.

Couple sitting on bed

Moan when she nibbles on just the right spot and groan when she decides to go down on you. Tell her she’s a good girl (or a bad girl depending on your lady!) and encourage her sexual ventures.

Being better at sex is easier than you thought. Whether your goal is to make her cum more or to simply improve your performance in the bedroom, following our advice will help you score more often while thoroughly pleasuring your lady.

Remember, be a giver and indulge in foreplay before revving up to sexual activity.

Ensure you encourage testosterone production to increase not only your libido but the hardness of your erections. Skip excessive drinking and weed smoking and don’t forget to whisper dirty words into her ear on occasion.

Do you agree with our advice or have additional sex tips of your own? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to visit our shop at for all of the products mentioned and more! Learning how to be great at sex is just the first step to having a fantastic enviable sex life—now get into the bedroom and try some of the tips and tricks we’ve provided above.

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